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Lore Haus, Inc. is a company dedicated to bringing functional art glass into everyday life.  We strive to create unique works of art that can perform a task as well as bring beauty.

The Lore Haus management team has been working in the glass field for the past ten years, and our Glass Tile line is our newest adventure.  Taking skills that we have learned (and often invented) and applying it to glass tile is a natural progression for our business. 

We enjoy working with customers to design the perfect accent tile, from basic forms and shapes to multi-piece 3-D themes installations.

Lore Haus is based in Eugene, Oregon.  We provide a uniquely positive work environment that allows our artists to realize their full potential through the belief that work should be as enjoyable as possible.

Feel free to call us for an appointment if you would be interested in a tour of our facility.




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